August 24, 2009

2009 Illinois State Fair Professional Art Exhibition & other excuses

I haven't posted an ATC dare recently, nor have I added anything to my store recently for several reasons:

The State Fair:

So here I am in front of my piece, "Keeping an eye out", at the State Fair! How exciting it was to be a juried artist at this event. After seeing all of the amazing work on display, I consider it to be a tremendous honor to be among the caliber of work that was there.

No ribbon for me this year but I'm rolling up my sleeves and planning something impressive for next year.

Art Fairs:

I'm about to set up shop at art fairs throughout the Midwest over the next year and I'm totally excited! However, this means building up an even larger inventory of artwork and getting all of the equipment together that I will need for it. It's going to be a lot of work. Now, if I can only get juried into the shows that I apply to!

Prairie Art Alliance show:

I will be submitting a few pieces for the next exhibition which starts in September. Not much time left but I'm almost finished with the art and now I just have to frame them.

Society of Animal Artists:

It is a long time desire of mine to be included in a group of artists whose talent I have deeply admired. Their submission date is nearing rapidly and I'm still not feeling I have all of the artwork I think is my best. I have until October 23rd to pull together some masterpieces. No pressure.

Please hang in there my friends. I will have new work up soon and I will continue to stop by and let you know what I've been doing. If I don't forget, I would like to post some pictures of works in progress so you can see what's on my drawing board! As always thanks for visiting my blog and your wonderful emails have been very encouraging.

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Ashazart said...

Congratulations on the show Sandra and also on getting yourself ready to hit the art fair circuit! Art fairs look like so much work to me that I crumble at the mere thought of them. I really admire artists who manage to pull together all of the necessary creative work, equipment and supplies, and stamina to do them. I hope it goes well for you!