October 12, 2009

Art Fair update

I'm back from the "Fall into the Arts" Fine Art Fair in Bloomington, IL! I really enjoyed meeting some very wonderful and extremely talented artists such as Reinhard Herzog (Glass Blower), Richard Kippel (Photographer), and Kwang Cha (Oil Painter).

Unfortunately the weather discouraged a lot of people (40 degrees "brrrr"!) from attending the show so the promoter had to bring it to a close 2 hours earlier than planned on Sunday. Not to mention that it poured for days prior to the show and therefore made for a very messy ground to walk on (and setup in).

It was a great opportunity for me to try out my new Trimline canopy. I highly recommend it. What a great job it did keeping me sheltered from the cold winds and not letting a drop of water fall in!

I also want to mention that I'm SO thankful that my husband Thomas came along to help out and he did such a great job. I have no idea what I would do without him.

I still have quite a few pieces available from the show and you can see most of them in the Art Gallery on my website. If you're interested in purchasing any of them please send me an email.

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