November 23, 2009

Strawberries & Cream

I've been busy working on several pieces and this is one that I've recently finished.

I'm also adding some pictures of it as it looked in progress so you can get an idea of how it came together in the end. (Hint - Please click on the images to see it a little larger!)

This piece will be on exhibit for the month of December in a location soon to be announced. Stop by in a week or two to find out!

Work in Progress #1 - I started on the first strawberry to get a feel for how the rest will go and how long it should take. I also started on the silver bowl as I think of it as the center highlight of the picture and one of the most important aspects. If I didn't get the bowl right I was going to have to start over.

Work in Progress #2 - I continued with adding more strawberries and detail to the silver bowl's reflections. You can see the faint lines of where the pitcher is eventually going to be.

Work in Progress #3 - As you can see this appears to be a large leap in progress from #2 but actually the hardest part - the strawberries - are pretty much complete and the rest is all smooth sailing. At this point the entire piece is almost done. Now I add the color and scratch out the highlights again. Sometimes I need to do this several times before I'm happy with the final result.

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