June 9, 2010

Inspiration is around the corner (or sometimes 70 miles away)

I've often wondered what inspires an artist to create a particular painting, write a song, or compose a poem. I realize that it's probably different from artist to artist but, man, it would sure be nice to know what prompted the creation of their artwork.

Or is it better not to know? Would a mundane reason such as "I was bored" or "I couldn't think of something better to do" somehow detract from the art? Would we look at it and be disappointed that it wasn't the product of some fantastic revelation?
I find that I get inspired in unexpected ways. For example, take the photo in this post. I photographed these lovely little flowers at the Missouri Botanical Gardens even though I knew they would never see their likeness on one of my scratchboards.

However, when I look at them it makes me want to review my really great botanical photographs, run to the flower shop, and start sketching some ideas out. Why? I suppose it's the quality of the photo (the softness, peacefulness..etc) that remains somewhat elusive in my work and it's the golden ring I'm trying to reach for.

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