June 28, 2010

Pictures of a scratchboard artist's studio!

I thought it might be fun to post some pictures of the studio that I create all of my scratchboard art in.

In this picture you can see:
  • that my studio is in the basement!
  • my drafting table (I never adjust the angle)
  • the storage cart where I keep my scratchboards waiting to be worked on
  • my inks and colored pencils
  • a candle (because it's a pretty pink color and smells nice!)
  • my upright rolling storage file for canvas, matboards, large scratchboards, frames, and other misc. items.
  • my netbook and headphones (for watching videos or listening to music/audiobooks)
  • my office chair (much more comfortable than a stool)
  • various artwork for inspiration and reminders that I can do this! (prints of work I have done with the exception of the rose which is a watercolor I did many years ago)

In this picture you can see: 
  • my worktable where I do pretty much everything other than scratch (assemble frames, cut mats, package shipments, and the list goes on)
  • my library of reference books
  • various supplies
  • still life props
  • tiny windows of my basement studio (wishing to have large, beautiful windows to work by some day)
  • the two ribbons I recently won (see this post)
  • the ever-so-lovely electric panel
  • some art I've just recently completed that are now waiting for framing
  • an abstract painting that I made one night for the fun of it
It's not a spectacular studio to look at but it's comfortable for me and I enjoy spending all of my time in there. 


Kelly said...

Woah! Super cool studio! Please tell me you cleaned up for the photo shoot?!?! My studio gets so messy, that someone told me, rather crudely, that it looked like my studio threw up!

Sandra Willard said...

Thanks Kelly! I cleaned up a little bit (the work table) but scratchboard doesn't make much of a mess. If I were to be creating a ton of paintings I imagine there would be paint splattered everywhere!

Kerri said...

oh i am jealous. you keep it so neat! i need a clean area like that for creating. otherwise i'm completely distracted. or at least that's the excuse i use!