June 20, 2010

Tourist in my own town.

The one thing I never seem to make enough time for is to be a tourist in my own town.  Or even within a short distance around the area.  The weird thing is that when I do make the effort I always create such great memories.

Last year the hubby and I took a little drive out to New Salem.  This is a small historical site where Abe Lincoln used to live as a young man.  If you stick to the major highways in Illinois you would never even know this place existed.

There are some really interesting things to see there and there are also some farm animals with great personalities.  You can see one of them in the picture in this post.  He kept looking at us like we were crazy.  He might just be right!
So I guess this post is more of a note to myself.  I need to explore.  I need to discover the amazing things just around the corner.  I need to do it often.

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