June 17, 2010

Untitled Scratchboard (Still Life)

I believe I was not in my right mind when I said that there would likely be no new WIP updates and that I would be posting the finished image instead.  Well, at least I can say that I was being optimistic!
This silver bowl has been a wild tiger and difficult to tame.  However, I think I'm getting there. 

As you can see, I've also started blocking in the lace.  I do this by taking a fibreglass brush and scratching out a soft layer through the bands of the lace.  This helps me to determine where each band starts, stops and overlaps.  I will have to go back and add some ink in places to establish the shadows again.  On the far right you can see that I started to add the details of the string that is stitched through each band.  It was probably premature for me to begin this work since the daisies, vase and bowl are not quite done. 

I find that I get to an "ugly baby" point in each of my works and worry whether the whole thing will come together or not.  This is that point for me right now.  To get past it, I look at each area that I'm happy with (in this case the vase and what I have done with the bowl) and it gives me enough confidence to finish the work.  It's probably why I dabble a little in each area so that I can give myself a preview of the entire piece.

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