December 11, 2010

Reflecting Rose II - WIP (Phase 1)

Yesterday I started on the other half of Reflecting Rose I and thought I should post it's work-in-progress images as well here. 

The reason I wanted to create these two images was for a comparison of the same flower against an all-black background in contrast to an all-white background. 

As you can see this is in it's very early stages.

Please Note: I've added a border around the image otherwise it would be a weird, black blob floating in this post.

The black ink you see is Higgin's Black Magic Ink (I've added it to my favorite items on the left side bar of this blog).  I like it because once it has dried it leaves a matte finish that holds the white chalk lines very well.

I applied the ink using a watercolor brush after pencilling the outline (silhouette) of the rose, stem and leaves.  It looks uneven once it has dried but as soon as I start scratching the tone in the unevenness of the ink doesn't matter any more.  I've started some of the scratching on the uppermost petals and a little bit on a petal on the far left side.

The white lines you see are chalk lines which I have added so I know where the petals or leaves end/start.

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