December 25, 2010

Reflecting Rose II- WIP (Phase 4)

Time for a quick update.

I've added a lot of color only to the petals of the flower and have scratched quite a bit of it back out.  It's looking very pale but that's to be expected.  Now I will repeat the process several times until I am happy with the saturation of the color then I will begin on the leaves/stem.

At this stage it sort of reminds me of those hand-tinted black and white photographs.


Katherine Thomas said...

Very pretty! I'm intrigued by scratchboard, but not quite ready to try a whole new medium. My dad is my inspiration too! We're lucky daughters!

Sandra Willard said...

Focus, focus, focus. That's what my husband always reminds me to do. He knows I have a tendency to want to flex my creative muscle and try new mediums out. By focusing on scratchboard for a while now I've been able to open some art doors that have been closed to me in the past.

It warms my heart whenever I hear that someone else thinks their Dad is top-notch too. Very cool.

K. Crow, Jr. said...

I was really surprised to see someone that is still working in scratchboard. My new blog has some past scratchboards that I have done.
I will continue to follow your art and look forward to seeing the next project!

Sandra Willard said...

Hello Mr. Crow, Jr.! There is actually a community of scratchboard artists online and you can see what they are up to here:

I've just subscribed to your blog and will be following you as well! Love the tomato!!