February 25, 2011

Adaptation - Still Life in Scratchboard - Work in Progress (WIP) Step #1 & 2

I've begun a new project and for right now it will remain untitled.  I'm working on a 9" x 12" board.  Not the biggest work I've completed but this will be a 80-100 hour project.

It is a still life with a silver sugar and creamer set with some blue/white hydrangea in the creamer and a small sprig laying to the side.  There are also some grapes and they are all resting on top of a needle lace piece that I've used frequently in some smaller pieces over the past couple of months.

I thought I should show this one right from the very beginning.  In the first image you can see the chalk outlines I have placed.  The sugar bowl on the far left has a lot more lines than anything else in the picture but that it is because it has a tremendous amount of detail in its reflective surface and I don't want to miss any of it.

You can click on the image to get a better view of all of the lines.

In the second image I'm about 8 hours into the project.  I've almost completed the black and white stage of the hydrangea sprig and I'm under way on the pictures right side of the lace (the grapes intersect the lace).

There are a lot of shadows over the white lace so I'm finding that controlling the tone has been a bit of a challenge.  When I get to the left side you will see how much brighter it is and hopefully what I'm saying about the shadow will make more sense.  I've included a close-up below of the work I've done so far.


Judy said...

I love your still life and this will be another beautifull piece!


Sandra Willard said...

Thanks Judy! This has been another one for me that hasn't had an 'ugly' stage which usually means I'll be very happy with the final result. Let's hope it keeps up that way!