March 15, 2012

Have a look at my updated website!

It's been one year since I have updated my website and I felt it was time for a fresh look.  I also have gone back to a blog-style website since it is much easier to maintain and get the latest drawings posted for you to see!

You will notice a few changes.  I no longer have a "shop" area but rather just a breakdown of my work per year.  Please keep in mind that these sections are still a work-in-progress and I hope to have them completely updated over the next few days.  Each artwork will be titled and I will note whether it is still available or not.  If you are interested in purchasing any of them please contact me.

I hope that you will find these changes an improvement to your viewing experience.  I welcome your feedback and will value any suggestions that you might have.


Karen Boe said...

That glass is gorgeous! So fun to learn about your medium here, too. Your work is very special.

Sandra Willard said...

Thanks so much Karen!