January 12, 2015

Day One of my Online Card Class - Copic Markers for Card Makers

I've recently signed up for the "Copic Markers for Card Makers" online class and I thought I'd share my progress.  I wish I had more free time to work on this but don't we all?

When I told my husband I was taking this class he thought I was crazy.  He said "You're a professional artist and you don't know how to color?" HAH! Well, I might know a little bit about how to color but there is always room for improvement.  Plus, alcohol markers are new to me and I definitely need lessons on how to work with them.

I fell in love with Copic markers.  The way they blend on paper is not only unique but very amazing!  When I did an internet search for Copic marker art I was astounded at what people are doing with them.
So that is how I ended up deciding to take this class.  It has been created by three talented artists: Sandy Allnock, Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire.  If you click on their names it will take you right to their websites and you can see for yourself how great they are at what they do. Clicking on the image above will take you to the Online Card Class website.

Day One in the class is all about Two-Color and Three-Color blending.  This is what I came up with:

The first row of balloons is my attempt at two-color blending and the second row is three-color blending.  Same thing for the presents beneath them.  

I'm learning very quickly which Copic marker colors I love to work with and which ones are a little more tricky.  Another benefit is figuring out which color combinations work best together.

Feel free to contact me if you are taking the course so we can share thoughts and maybe help each other out a little!

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