February 4, 2015

Day Five - part one - of my Copic Markers for Card Makers class

Day five is a big lesson with lots of things to learn!  I've been looking forward to this one since I'm not used to coloring hair and skin with Copic markers.  So far, I've only done the first half of this lesson.

I have learned some excellent tips and tricks and hope to put them to good use.  My first run through was less than stellar so I'm going to have to watch the videos again, roll up my sleeves, and practice!  Wouldn't it be a fantastic world if we got things down perfectly on the first try?

By the way, if you didn't catch my earlier post(s) this is the Online Class that I'm working on:

Online Card Classes - Copic Markers for Card Makers

I really recommend it if you are hesitant to use your Copic markers.  I'm not being paid to say this, nor am I getting any sort of kickback, so you can tell I must really love the class!

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