February 11, 2015

Day Five - part two - of my Copic Markers for Card Makers class

One of the teachers in this class is Sandy Allnock and she has one of the videos on how to color the cute ballerina (by Kristina Werner) that you see above.

I am really in awe of her ability to work with Copic markers.  Sandy has a way of choosing colors and blending them in a way that is very masterful!

I was very hesitant to post my first attempt at coloring full character images but we all need to start somewhere, right?  So that is what you see in the above picture.  Lots of room for improvement but I can't wait to practice doing more of these types of images!

Here is a link to the class if you are tempted to give it a try:  Copic Markers for Card Makers

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