April 20, 2010

I'm a full-time artist!

It's been a little while since I've updated this blog or my website but that's because I've had so many great things going on.

I've recently taken the plunge and left my day job to become a full-time artist. I realize that this probably means rice and beans for the next year or two but hey, aren't starving artists more inspired?!?

I'm starting to sell ACEO's back on eBay again and these two are currently up for auction:

I'm really loving scratchboard for my realism work and I think that this is a medium I'll be sticking with for a very long time to come. I'm happy to say that it's being well received in the Illinois arts community and that it has opened some new doors for me. I'll update you soon on some exciting news!

The spilled acrylic work is something brand new and it's a necessity for me to get away from the high detail of the scratchboard work. They are usually very colourful pieces and are sort of my art "vacation" work. They are also selling tremendously well in my local market which is so encouraging and I will continue to create them as long as they are loved.

My next big upcoming event is an art fair on May 15th and 16th at the Springfield Old Capitol Art Fair in Springfield, IL and I hope to see you there! If you do stop by my booth be sure to mention that you read this on my website and I'll have a bookmark for you. In the meantime, I'm furiously scratching away and creating many new pieces for the art fair so be patient with me if I don't post an update right away.

Thanks for your continued support!

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