November 30, 2010

Hydrangea Sprig

2.5" by 3.5"

The lace that I've rendered in the picture is so exquisite in real life.  I found it in an antique shop nearby and it had a tag on it that said it was from 1971.  Wouldn't that make it vintage?  Otherwise that would make me an antique!!! Yikes!  Anyhow, even though I have a background in needlework design/instruction I am uncertain what kind of lace this is; perhaps a type of bobbin lace work?  If you think you recognize it please leave a comment, I would really appreciate it.

You can be sure that you will be seeing this lace in some of my future works.

Here is a detail image of the lace.  Please note that this is much larger than the actual size of the original.


Jenny said...

It is really too far away for me to tell but I would say it is a form of needlelace. There are lots of types of needlelace & there would be other people who would know which type this is.

Sandra Willard said...

I believe you have accurately identified the lace Jenny! I started searching for other needlelace pieces on the internet and sure enough there are quite a few that look just like it. By the way, I've posted a detail image of the scratched lace so you can see it a bit closer up. Thanks so much for your comment, now I'm going to go and hunt for more needlelace.