November 15, 2010

Reflecting Rose I - WIP (Phase 4)

This is now at it's final black and white stage. 

I will start to add color by working on the petals first.  Why?  I guess it's because I tend to start with the areas that I think will be the most difficult for me.  It's better to know sooner rather than later if I am unable to meet the challenge.

It's hard to throw away something that I've invested many hours into and, unless it's a commission piece, I will usually put it to the side while I work on another scratchboard.  This gives me some time to glance at it now and then.  Which will hopefully help me to discover a way to fix it or give me the added time to lessen the pain of having to pronounce it a dead work.

If there is one thing that I can say about myself as an artist is that I am persistent.  Even if it didn't work out, I typically try to attempt the project again.  My father taught me that.  He told me that not only is it the best way to learn but that it will help me to break through any fears I might have.  Oh, and he also said that I shouldn't put it off either.

Did you hear that?  That was me letting out a big sigh because now I have to end this post and start mixing up some color.  It's scary.  Really.

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